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Types of Trees Found in Georgia

November 19th, 2022

The State of Georgia is home to approximately 250 species of trees. Due to the various topographical and climactic regions, the location of trees and the densities of each species are varied throughout the state.

One of the most common trees found in Georgia is the red cedar. A mid-sized tree growing between 40 to 50 feet with a 2- to 3-foot diameter, its small leaves, berry fruit, and light-brown bark characterize the red cedar. The tree has also been found to carry a distinct fragrance, akin to sap. It is found throughout the state, particularly in areas with significant limestone ridges, such as those of northwest Georgia. Interestingly, they are rarely found along the coastal plains but have been found to be more abundant near the sea. As a species of the evergreen tree, red cedar is often used to produce fence posts, pencils, interior finish and other novelties.

The Eastern white pine is another tree that flourishes in Georgia. Found mostly in the mountains of the northern region, the Eastern white pine is noted for its blue-green and white-hued needles, cylindrical cones and coiled branches. It can grow up to 80 feet in height with a trunk size of 3 feet in diameter with bark that is soft, light-toned and patterned with straight grains and tinges of crimson. Eastern white pines are incorporated into a variety of construction projects, as well as used in interior finish and caskets.

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